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"Making Settlements Simple"

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Our "motto" is our mission....."Make Settlements Simple"

Here at Northbridge Title we try to keep things simple for our clients by offering the resources to eliminate unnecessary paper and duplication, increase document accessibility and provide excellent title services that will ensure the professional and swift completion of the title insurance, preparation and settlement process.

The Value of Title Insurance

A fundamental freedom in America is the ability to own real estate. Title and escrow services are essential to the real estate transaction process by facilitating and protecting real estate ownership.

The following components of title and escrow services enable the efficient transfer of real estate:

• The title industry determines who owns real estate by searching and examining public and private land record systems for the history of the property.
• The title industry identifies and works to correct problems related to property ownership and then prepares the title to be transferred. Title defects are corrected in about 36 percent of all transactions (2005 ALTA figures).
• The title industry provides escrow services to disburse funds between all the parties involved in the real estate transaction.
• The title industry acts as the transaction manager, handling the accumulation, execution and recording of necessary documents for all parties.
• The title industry then insures the transaction. If a title problem occurs, then the problem is fixed or a claim is paid. While the majority of problems are rectified in the process, claims still occur. In 2004, nearly $700 million in claims were paid.

In real estate, the title industry is the "engine inside." The assurances provided by the title industry expedite the process, reduce mortgage rates and stabilize the secondary mortgage market, thus freeing up capital in the economy. Title insurance may seem hidden in the process, but without it, buying and selling property would be excessively cumbersome. The whole world seeks the prosperity of the American real estate market and title insurance is a key component of that world-renowned treasure.